January 2015

Bought a bike

Our bike arrived. We bought a 2003 Honda CB 600F Hornet which had suffered some crash damage. It was the cheapest possible way to get a decent engine, so here we go then. We’ll also salvage the brake calipers. Where did we get the money for this? SATL gave us a nice 1k€ grant last year, this is […]

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Finishing up the frame

Our engine problems have been solved and the frame is almost ready. The geometry has been designed to provide maximum torsional strength and safety. Of course it also complies with the FS rules and requirements. Welding work has been done by Mika & the boys with great precision. The FORM500-tubes provided by SSAB have been

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Let’s weld!

Thanks to Sah-Ko, we got materials for our welding fixture really quickly. A 10 mm steel sheet works as a base, and the fixture is built from 3 mm sheet with a water cutter. The picture below shows the completed fixture for the front part of the framework. Due to some engine problems, we have to keep

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