Almost Good To Go


Formula Student Netherlands will kick off next Monday and we are almost ready! The car is ready to go and we have driven the first meters of the FSO17.

Still slight adjustments have to be made in order to ensure reliability of our racer. And of course we still have to paint the car and give our great sponsors the stickers in our car that they really deserve!

Unfortunately summer has been a difficult time for us. That’s why for example we didn’t have enough time for the aerodynamics, since we had to steer our focus in to the powertrain, frame, electrics and the development of the engine. It’s a shame since the aerodynamics-department has has some genius ideas for the aerodynamics. But we will continue to build and develop our car throughout the year despite the competition.

Many of our team members have spent days away from the shop in work, but we still have managed to get the car done just before the competition. The sound of the car is just spectacular and the team has done amazing job to get the car finished before the competition. Despite the challenges and difficulties we are determined to participate to the FSN event next Monday.


The business plan has been finished by the marketing team and we are ready to entry in to the Shark Tank of international engineers to present our business plan for the marketing and manufacturing of the FSO17. Will the investors be convinced that the FSO17 would be a profitable investment? We’ll have to see.

So what’s next? After we have finished our car with the final adjustments we will start our road-trip from Oulu all the way to Assen, the Netherlands tomorrow morning at 6 am. The distance is approximately 2 500 km and we are highly motivated to see what is the atmosphere in our first international participation.

The full race-report from Formula Student Netherlands will be posted in 2 weeks when we get back from the competition. Meanwhile you can follow some coverage from our trip and from our competition through University Of Oulu’s Snapchat-channel (can be found on the username unioulu).

Are you ready Netherlands? ‘Cause we definitely are to do some hardcore racing!


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