Boxes full of goodness

Thanks to our great sponsors, there haven’t been material related pauses in the building process. This week we got the materials for the exhaust manifold (Sah-Ko) and intake manifold (ProCater). ProCater also supplied us with a neat 4-channel temperature gauge, which will be really useful during testing and tuning!

The exhaust manifold will be welded from stainless steel and intake from aluminium. Certain parts of the intake will also be 3D-printed, but more about that later. Both the intake and exhaust manifolds are designed for maximum midrange torque, which should provide great acceleration in a tight circuit. The exhaust manifold will be 4-2-1 type, which provides better torque than a 4-1 manifold. The design of the intake manifold has been optimized with CFD for optimal flow.













Sah-ko logo rgb



Oh, and we finally got the frame out of the welding fixture. Looking good.

20150206-1 20150206-2 20150206-3