Catching up

A lot has happened in the past weeks. Let’s catch up a bit.

First up, we got a couple of dyno days at OAMK’s engine lab. The Tatech ECU was quite easy to tune up, and we pretty much optimized the torque curve. We also got confirmation that the exhaust and intake design theory worked in practice. The maximum torque was aimed to be found at 8000 rpm and it actually peaked at 8150 rpm. All in all, we got a good amount of torque at mid revs with a nice looking curve.

There’s a little video below with some dyno and testing action.

We also got a new sponsor, supplied us with aluminum honeycomb and glue for the impact attenuator (below).



Baltic Open 2015 was scheduled to 28. – 30.8. We had a couple of really stressful weeks to finish up the car and scrape up the resources needed to make the trip. Thankfully the faculty pitched in with a nice amount that took out all the remaining obstacles!

Well, we completed the car, loaded it up (paint still drying) and hit the road. When we were boarding a ferry to Stockholm, the guys from Denmark called that the event is being canceled. Pretty frustrating.

We instantly contacted the KTH Formula Student team from Stockholm and asked if they can set us up with a testing track, so that we’d get at least some track time. The guys at KTH were super nice and hospitable, less than 24 hours from the first contact we were getting some action at Gillinge. They also gave us a tour of their garage and workshop. Always nice to see the designs and innovations of other teams up close. Big thanks for helping to salvage our trip! We did some tourism in Stockholm and returned to Oulu.

Back in Finland we were hungry for more track time, so the car has been getting more action! Here is an onboard lap from OuluZone. The car is of course not designed for a track this wide and fast, but as you can see, it fares quite well.

What next? We’ll be recruiting more students to the project. The initial designs of the new car are already being drafted. Look out! 😉

Oh, and Iltalehti did a little interview.