Catching up!

Time to update the blog. Despite the summer jobs of our crew, progress hasn’t stalled.

Let’s start from the latest and hottest news. We got the engine running! Not much until it’s time to head to the track!

The frame was painted with materials supplied by Here are some pictures of the assembling process.

20150629-1 20150629-4

20150629-3 20150629-2

Most of the electronics were bought from with a nice discount.

20150623-19 20150613-8

20150613-1 20150613-5

The suspension and everything (mostly) related was completed during may. At that point the car was weighed. Mass of 220 kg implied that the completed car should be somewhere around 240 kg, preferably lighter. Pushrods were a bit too short, but nothing hard to fix came up while rolling the car around at the workshop.

20150519-4 20150519-3

20150519-2 20150519-1

The drive shafts were tailor made by our sponsor who’s specialized in transmission systems used in race cars. If you need some custom parts for the powertrain of your racing machine (or everyday car, why not?), Ake-gears is a great choice!

20150507-1 20150613-6

Next up: more great news from the sponsor front!