Progress, progress…

Hello world.

Our framework design is locked. It means that we can start welding it as soon as we get the materials and construct a jig. Our team is spreading around Finland to work for the summer though, and that will delay the construction a bit. The remaining development work continues through the summer.

Oh, and about resources. The local student union (Oulun Yliopiston Ylioppilaskunta) has granted us 5k€ of Universitas money. It’s provided by the university, for student projects that advance education, work relevance and internationalization. Big thanks for them!


Also, here’s a different take on front and back steering knuckles. FEM analyses indicate that these would be quite good. The attachment point for steering is not there yet though. As you can see, the designs are quite smooth and rounded. Not really the easiest bits to manufacture, but we should be able to use some CNC magic.

The suspension team has also been working on an ADAMS model of the car. It should help us greatly with driving dynamics.