The Second Term

The season 2017-2018 has started after we have completed our recruitment for this seasons team. Many old team members have left the team, including our founding member Mika Lakso. We wish you the very best!

We got a lot of new eager team-members for our team and are ready to kick-off the new season. This season we continue to develop the FSO17 car for one more race in Europe during summer 2018. The date and the competition that we are going to participate haven’t been decided yet, but we inform you as soon as decisions are made!

So what are our goals for this season? First of all, we are going to build a new engine based on the 600cc 4-cylinder, 4-stroke engine from a Triumph Daytona. It fits perfectly to our current chassis so we can mount the engine with minimum customization. The engine itself, however must be build from the beginning.


Since we have gotten the car running earlier this year, we aim to do more testing during spring so that we can get relevant data in order to make our car more reliable to future competitions. This season the car is going to run a lot more than previously this year.

Another major element are the aerodynamics. Because of the extremely tight schedule, the team didn’t have time to build the aerodynamics for the FSO17 car. This year the aerodynamics is going to be built and initial plans have already been made to get the aerodynamics finished for testing as soon as possible.


Formula Student Netherlands offered us valuable experience from official FSAE-events. That’s why we will increase our effort in static events such as cost and manufacturing event and aim to develop our Business Plan presentation even further with our new experts in Oulu Business School’s marketing students.

Also we continue to raise awareness of Formula Student-project in our community even more. Last year we attracted more attention and sponsors than ever and this year we aim to get even more attention for our project. For instance, an official launch-event of the FSO17 racer is going to be held before summer 2018.

We want to thank our sponsors from last year who have already expressed their interest to continue supporting our team in the becoming season. We are already looking new sponsors for our team. Please contact us if you are interested to support the fastest project in Northern Finland!

We will be updating our development on this season furthermore on this website.