Bringing the subsystems together

  A Formula Student car is, unsurprisingly, really complex to design from scratch. It’s essential to have an understanding of the relations of different subsystems and their effects on each other. Yesterday we had a little meeting where we summarized the current progress of the groups. Had some good comments coming from different points of …

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A couple of renderings

A couple of renderings to show the current framework design. We’re constantly rethinking our solutions from the manufacturing point of view, so the design keeps evolving.

Development catch up #1

We’ve been quiet for a bit, but fear not, the project is going forward steadily. At this point there hasn’t been much to post here yet, but we’ll try to kick up the pace a bit. The guys are working hard on the suspension design at the moment, and here’s one illustration of the front. …

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Successful recruitment

A while ago we managed to recruit enough motivated people to form a great team! There’s now 17 of us and things are moving forward. I think I’ll be able to post some good stuff about the development pretty soon!

There’s a car already!

We’ve gotten our hands on Coventry University’s 2008 car. Oulu University of Applied Sciences had it in a shipping container and they didn’t have any current use for it, so they let us borrow it! Thanks! The car is missing an ECU and some minor parts, but at the moment it’s great for checking if …

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Starting up

We finally got our blog online, and here comes the first test post! Planning of the car is already underway and the team is digging in the technical rules of the competition. The chassis is already taking shape: