Uprights are done. Big thanks to our NC-reinforcements. There was some intense machining going on for a couple of days.        Sponsor update: ETRA supports the project with some materials that we were missing. Thanks!

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New parts are appearing at a steady pace now. Our most recent ‘recruit’ is a neat little CNC mill which speeds up the production nicely. Thanks to the workshop staff for letting us put it into good use! Our guys also have some skills with the manual machinery, as Janne demonstrated with the fine front wheel axle

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Here are some pictures from last friday. Work on the throttle begun. Won’t be long until we have all the hardware ready for the engine. There’s also a neat little TIG weld on aluminium, Mika has learned pretty quickly!                           

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Intake progress

Here are some photos of the intake manifold components finished so far. The aluminium TIG welding went smoothly and the structure is light. The first 3D-printed component of the car is also shown here. Light, easy to manufacture and should provide a nice flow. Our new sponsor SKF also delivered us quite a load of bearings and

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Exhaust manifold complete

After some intense TIG sessions, the engine team completed the exhaust manifold. It came out pretty neat. Let’s see how they manage the aluminium welding at the intake manifold!   We’ve also got some great news regarding sponsors. TATECH provided us with a great engine control unit (T38, pictured below). We pretty much have the means to get

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Boxes full of goodness

Thanks to our great sponsors, there haven’t been material related pauses in the building process. This week we got the materials for the exhaust manifold (Sah-Ko) and intake manifold (ProCater). ProCater also supplied us with a neat 4-channel temperature gauge, which will be really useful during testing and tuning! The exhaust manifold will be welded from stainless

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Bought a bike

Our bike arrived. We bought a 2003 Honda CB 600F Hornet which had suffered some crash damage. It was the cheapest possible way to get a decent engine, so here we go then. We’ll also salvage the brake calipers. Where did we get the money for this? SATL gave us a nice 1k€ grant last year, this is

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