Almost Good To Go

Formula Student Netherlands will kick off next Monday and we are almost ready! The car is ready to go and we have driven the first meters of the FSO17. Still slight adjustments have to be made in order to ensure reliability of our racer. And of course we still have to paint the car and […]

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The Engine

Juho Koskela and his team have done amazing effort for our engine. Here’s a short introduction to the engine of our FSO17. First about the FSAE rules and regulations. According to the FSAE-rulebook, the power unit used to power the car must be a piston engine using a four-stroke primary heat cycle with a displacement not

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Work in Progress

During the warm month of April, snow is soon starting to melt, days are getting brighter and warmer, and the FSO is starting to build up. The team is eager to get the car done in schedule, so that we could start our testing in the edge of the Spring in early May. So far

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The first drawings and concept of the FSO17 are drawn and here’s what its going to look like. Even though we are still dealing with a rough draft, the car is going to look astonishing in the purple team colour. But, a lot still needs to be done in a relatively short period of time

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Going Forward

 With these 1:1 sized plans provided by our wonderful sponsor Juvenes Print, we have finally started to build our racer for the challenges of the 2017-season. The team achieved its goal of going international for the first time, since the team managed to get accepted to participate in the Formula Student Netherlands 2017-competition, which is held

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Catching up

A lot has happened in the past weeks. Let’s catch up a bit. First up, we got a couple of dyno days at OAMK’s engine lab. The Tatech ECU was quite easy to tune up, and we pretty much optimized the torque curve. We also got confirmation that the exhaust and intake design theory worked in practice.

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Sponsor update!

Sparewheel sponsored us with a great load of parts and consumables! Quality fluids, spark plugs, filters, chains etc. Thanks! Asoma will provide us with the fairings. The moulds are finished and will be delivered to Tampere soon. Can’t wait to see how the car looks with some plastic on! The fairings will be manufactured  by ABS

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Catching up!

Time to update the blog. Despite the summer jobs of our crew, progress hasn’t stalled. Let’s start from the latest and hottest news. We got the engine running! Not much until it’s time to head to the track! The frame was painted with materials supplied by Here are some pictures of the assembling process. Most of

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